Mano Po

Made up of our most cherished members (60 years or older), this group provides a wonderful outlet for our "Seasoned" members to come together and enjoy various activities.

Mano Po is now accepting Volunteers to sing with "Mano Po and Friends" (No age requirements).  Please email if interested.

Maski Paps

Tagalog for "Anything Goes", this group is designed to provide cultural education and fun for our youngest members and friends (Ages 4 - 18). 

Maski Paps is now signing up members for our cultual programs.  Please email if interested. 

Cultural Dance Troupe

Our "Face to the world". The FACC's Cultural Dance Troupe is made up of all ages and helps us show us how much fun we have when we participate in the traditions of our culture. The Dance Troupe performs all over Colorado from schools to festivals and everything in between.

Our Cultural Dance Troupe is now signing up Dancers (no previous experience necessary) for our 2012 season.  Please email if interested.


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