Filipino-American Community of Colorado (FACC) 

Scholarship Program

 In line with its educational and charitable missions, the Filipino-American Community of Colorado (FACC) has established and maintained a continuing and robust scholarship program since 1981. This is made up of competitive merit-based and need-based scholarship awards. Currently the program has both domestic and Philippine components.

 The 2018 Scholarship is now OPEN.

Deadline for submission is May 1, 2018.

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Updated 03/01/2018


Why do you want to be FACC's scholarship award recipient? What contributions have you made to promote positive impact in the community and the youth? How has your cultural heritage shape your upbringing?

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The current FACC Scholarship Program awards are as follows:


Scholastic Achievement Award (Academic Excellence Achievement Award) Established 1981

(For Graduating High School Seniors in Colorado)

     The Scholastic Achievement Award of up to $750 each is an academic merit award given to an in-state high school graduate entering college or to a full time college student entering the final year of an undergraduate degree curriculum as recognition for superior academic and extra-curricular achievement. To be eligible for consideration, the student must:
  • Complete and submit the prescribed application form and meet the minimum requirements of grade point average of 3.10 as based on a 4.00 grade point scale and grade out to 90 or more points on the prescribed Student Achievement Evaluation Criteria (as provided in the FACC By-Laws). 
  • The Board of Directors makes the final decision on the recipient or recipients (shall not be more than three recipients in any given year) and amount of the Scholastic Achievement Award.

President’s Youth Award (Cultural Excellence Achievement Award) Established 1991.
     The President’s Youth Award of $500 each is given to high school graduating Member of FACC who shall have shown consistent contribution and youth leadership in the cultural activities of the Community. To be eligible, the prospective awardee must:
  •  Be less than twenty one (21) years of age
  • Should have been a Junior Member and been active in the youth and cultural activities of the Community for at least three years preceding the award 
  • Must be nominated by at least three Officers of the FACC.
  • The Executive Committee (the seven officers of FACC), by unanimous vote in a quorum, shall make the final determination on the recipient or recipients (limited to three recipients in any given year) of the President’s Award


Adopt-A-School Program in the Philippines

(Financial Aid/School Supplies for Needy Students Award)

The Adopt-A-School Program provides financial aid and/or school supplies to help struggling Philippine elementary or high schools in poor, remote, rural or under-served areas provide essential school supplies to needy and disadvantaged school children (or students) so that they can continue their schooling. The intent of the program award is to spread the benefits of finite financial aid and donated school material supplies that can range in value of $250 to $1000 (in current US Dollars and depending on size of school and degree of need) per year to the most deserving students in the school. Program award is renewable every year up to a maximum period of four years. To be eligible for awards, the school must meet the following requirements:  

  • School must be identified and recommended to be award worthy to the Board of Directors by the FACC Member Sponsor who must not have family relation with either the head of the school or the School Resident Teacher/Award Coordinator . 
  • School must have verifiable official standing and accreditation by the Philippine Department of Education with at least 15 students and one teacher who can assume School Resident Teacher/Award Coordinator responsibilities.
  • School must complete and submit prescribed Request for Assistance Grant that identifies and describes school problems and circumstances regarding disadvantaged students and needed assistance to help solve problems or improve situation, thus defines extent of initial program award. 
  • Furthermore, the school must demonstrate its ability to properly administer its initial award for its intended purposes through sufficient and verifiable student or school parent representatives’ testimonials/reports to that effect before repeat or subsequent awards can be granted.

 Funding the Scholarship Program

FACC maintains the Emil Pischel Scholarship Fund (named after the late Emil Pischel, FACC Life Member and former President) and the Winfield Niblo Philippines Scholarship Fund (named after the late Winfield Niblo, former FACC member and life-long Philippine enthusiast and recreation/square dancing teacher) from which scholarship awards are granted. Sources of funds are from voluntary members’ donations , solicited public and business donations, specific fundraising events proceeds and allocations from FACC’s general fund.

 Administration of the FACC Scholarship Program

The Scholarship Program is jointly administered by the FACC Education and Scholarship Committees. Program administration policies and procedural guidance are found and provided for in the FACC By-Laws, Article VII, Financial Grants and Contributions.