It has been quite the year for the FACC. We celebrated our 60th Anniversary, performed multiple times at the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival and around the Denver Metro area, celebrated the 30th Anniversary of our friends at the Philippine-American Society of Colorado (PASCO), and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Below is what the FACC Family did together in 2014.

2014 was a wonderful year and it is all due to our Family and Members at the FACC. This list is just a short snapshot of what we have been up to and there is a lot that is not on this list. We work hard and we should celebrate all of our accomplishments. We welcome 2015 with open arms and we are excited to be spending it with our FACC Family.

 The beginning of 2014 started out with a "once in a lifetime" celebration - our 60th Anniversary Gala! The 2014 Board of Directors began their terms by working hard to make the celebration of the FACC's 60th Anniversary memorable. Our Dancers practiced day and night and our dedicated seamstresses stayed up all night adding the last details to new costumes and decorations for our Anniversary dinner.
The Vietnamese Community of Colorado donated $5000 to our Typhoon Haiyan fundraising which only added to the thousands of dollars the FACC sent to the Philippines in 2013 for Typhoon Haiyan relief.
The FACC also celebrated the beginning of 2014 by fundraising at the Bronco play-off game, which we will do again in 2015. Go Broncos!
Administratively, the Board managed transition issues; completed a full property inventory; set up a volunteer custodian schedule; and increased the number of weekday rentals; updated our website and email server; and began an electronic archive of pictures and documents.

The month of love was celebrated FACC style with our Annual Valentine's Day party, but the FACC also continued to help Typhoon relief efforts. The Dance Troupe performed for NaFFAA's Typhoon fundraiser as well as Regis University's Typhoon fundraiser.
We also battled the Colorado cold by adding insulation to the attic, which lowered the heating bills in our Bahay Kubo.
We rang in the Lunar New Year with the Vietnamese Community of Colorado and the Asian Pacific Development Center Lunar New Year Celebration.

The FACC Dancers started this month by celebrating the Hmong New Year and began rehearsals to prepare for our Annual Philippine Festival. The youth dancers were eager to showcase their tinkling skills.
The FACC thanked those who had worked the Bronco games in 2013 by providing a trip (and free buffet) to Isle Casino in Black Hawk. Awards were given for those who had worked the most games, earned the most tips and was the FACC's loudest cheerleader.
The FACC continued supporting Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts and in March we donated over $5000 to the Catholic Relief Services.
The FACC also awarded our first recipient of the Adopt-A-School program - Nagsincoan Elementary School in Ilocos Sur.

Our FACC Youth celebrated Easter with the Easter Bunny and an egg hunt. They also continued to practice diligently for the June Festival and the youth began their Maski Paps class where they learned some Tagalog, history of the FACC and the Philippines.  They put their artistic skills to use by sculpting animals native to the Philippines.
We also hosted Teach for America in our Bahay Kubo and teachers from around the USA were able to learn about our FACC Family and what we do in the community.

Asian Pacific Heritage Month was busy for our Family at the FACC. We cooperated with The Asian Round Table and many other Asian organizations to celebrate our heritage and Asians in Colorado. We taught students at both Westminster High School and West Middle School about the FACC and the Philippines and they were able to see their teachers try the tinkling.
We also received a donation from the students at Julia Greeley Academy. The students at the Academy learned of the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan and wanted to help. They saved all their pennies and were able to raise $100 for Typhoon relief.
Our FACC Family were up in the early hours of the morning on Memorial Day to fundraise by helping runners at the Bolder Boulder and the money went towards the FACC Youth Fund.
We partnered with the other Asian Communities in Colorado and attended the White House AAPI Summit and contributed our voice in hope of gaining more attention on the national level for Asian Americans.
We also partnered with Colorado Public Radio to help provide more recognition to Asians in Colorado.

Our 19th Annual Philippine Festival was a hit and all the FACC Family came out to help, whether it was by cleaning, selling halo-halo or just cheering on our youth as they performed on stage.
We had our first Mano Po Saturday where our Mano Po prepared to dance and sing at the Festival.
We also awarded the FACC Student Achievement Award to Rebecca Carlson and D'Jack San Andres who had graduated from high school in May.
The debut of our 60th Anniversary Commemorative Book gives a detailed history of the FACC for the past 60 years and it was a smash hit. Many members enjoyed looking through the photos and reliving memories with the FACC Family.
We also signed the contract with Sports Authority Field at Mile High which secured our concession booth for the 2014 NFL Season. The fundraising at the Bronco games is a large source of the FACC's income and it helps to keep the Bahay Kubo warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

We celebrated Independence Day with a picnic with our friends at PASCO and where we welcomed the  University of Santo Thomas Singers. They graced us with an short performance that had everyone celebrating July 4th at Clement Park stop and listen in awe.
The FACC then partnered with PASCO and made the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival a great opportunity to teach festival patrons about the Philippines. Along with our friends at PASCO, the Dance Troupe performed numerous times and our dedicated Pepsi Booth Volunteers raised quite a bit of money for the Youth fund by selling refreshments to thirsty festival goers.

In August, our FACC Family didn't slow down and after only a week's rest, we hosted the Filipino Indonesian and Pacific Island Camp through Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families. Our members helped cook, teach and bonded with adoptive families from around the country. We also threw a great party in their honor (with lots of food!).
We again hosted Teach for America and our Mano Po Saturdays were back in full swing with another meeting that included a short Zumba class for our seniors.
Our Dance Troupe helped to celebrate a new school year at CU Boulder by performing in front of hundreds of students as they moved into their dorm rooms.
The fundraising season also began this month with our volunteers working the Bronco's exhibition game and the CU vs. CSU game.

Our fall season continued with more Bronco game fundraisers and Mano Po Saturdays featuring special guest speakers. The youth continued to learn about their heritage through Maski Paps and began learning the basic sway balance for new dances to be debuted in 2015.
The Bahay Kubo also received new locks and updated some of the exits in the building and we held nominations for the 2015 Board of Directors.
The Dance Troupe performed for our friends at the Vietnamese Community of Colorado Festival and we celebrated with our friends at PASCO as they commemorated their 30th Anniversary.

The FACC youth were busy in the month of October by making spooky decorations for the Halloween party and learned Day of the Dead traditions in the Philippines.
The Bronco season was in full swing and while our volunteers were at the games, the Mano Po Saturday attendees had a discussion with guests from AARP about aging and the Filipino Culture.
The FACC also attended the SCFD Award Ceremony - SCFD of Jefferson County presented the FACC with a grant award of $7260.

 The FACC Family celebrated November by having our Annual Thanksgiving dinner and elections for Directors to the Board.
We made our presence known during election season at the Asian Roundtable of Colorado's Candidate Forum.
We partnered with One Hope and held a wine tasting fundraiser for the FACC Scholarship Fund. Of course, our Bronco concession workers attended every game and cheered on the Bronco's as we served hot dogs and drinks.

Our final month of 2014 was as busy as the rest and we celebrated Christmas in style with decorations made by our youth and dancers. We celebrated at Sports Authority as the Bronco's won and brought us into the play-off season once again. We received over $2000 in donations in the season of giving.
We welcomed 2015 with a spectacular New Year's Eve party and our youth had a short presentation commemorating Dr. Jose Rizal.


2014 Awardees for Member of the Month:


LT Whitefield

Rose Morrison


Pam Holtz


Erlinda Santos

Marcella Embry




All the FACC Members who contributed to the 19th Annual Philippine Festival


Javier San Andres


Zoe Whitefield



Dolly Tafoya


Rebecca Carlson


Nora Niblo

Alice Baring

 2014 Outstanding Service Awards:

Rebecca Carlson

Victor Padrigone

Michael Whitefield

2014 Life Member Awards:

David Montoya

Tessie Montoya

Dr. Jaime Yrastorza